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Dog to Dog Communication and Interaction

Read this first: Understanding Dog to Dog Communications

Dog-dog interaction: Aggression or appropriate response?! 

Is your dog's reaction to another dog really a problem? Click http://wildewmn.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/is-reacting-really-reactive/ to find out!

Thinking of allowing your dog to "greet" unfamiliar dog/s during your on-leash walks? Just say no! Click here to read why it's really NOT a good idea: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/pets/dog-behavior/reduce-chance-dog-aggression-leash


DINOS = Dogs In Need Of Space!

Is Your Dog's Rough Play Appropriate?

Help! My Dog Humps!


The Dog Park: Is it really a good thing for your dog?

Dog Parks: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

If you choose to take your dog to the dog park, here's the link to a page with great resources from the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, that can help you keep your dog happy and safe: https://apdt.com/pet-owners/dog-park/body-language/

Introducing strange dogs to one another
This article includes a step by step guide;  http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/pets/dog-behavior/how-introduce-dogs-each-other-part-I  
Video from Victoria Stilwell on the topic of dog/dog introductions

Thinking of allowing your dog to "greet" strange dog/s during your on-leash walks? Just say no!  Click here to read why it's really NOT a good idea 

Is your dog shy? Does he bark at dogs or people? If you're not sure class is right for you and your dog, 
read this.