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Why We Do What We Do

Adapted from a letter by a Trainers Academy, LLC Daycare DayCare Staff member, to the rest of the staff:

So Lisa does a private consultation and informs the daycare staff  that she has recommended the dog for daycare.... the dog is described as very fearful, as he spent nearly the first year of his life socially isolated.

Day One

This poor, beautiful, little fluffy guy comes in afraid of his own shadow, head down, tail down...mom puts him in the crate because we can't touch him... YET!! Lisa's direction is to take things very slowly and let him come to us, so as not to create more fear in him... the idea is to teach him to trust us, by not doing scary things. So we move his crate into the front office and open the door. A few minutes later, he comes out and starts taking food from me - 30 minutes later, he's on my lap, taking treats from my hand - and then a little later, was introduced to Napa, a daycare regular.

Day Two

He's bonding with the rest of the staff and low and behold he takes a shine to Emma (who belongs to Angie, one of our instructors). Now he's getting bolder and strutting around the daycare floor checking out the smells....no more cowering in my lap.

Day Three

He's perfectly comfortable hanging in the office, and with the rest of the staff - he meets his third dog pal in daycare. He's jumping up for attention and is starting to show a lot more interest in other dogs. Now all we're waiting for is to see him actually start to play...

Three days, my friends. I'm proud of Trainer's Academy. Any daycare can and will screen fearful dogs and refuse to take them BUT WE DON'T! I'm thankful for Lisa's knowledge of what's possible, how to go about it, and her trust in all of us that we can help dogs with a sordid past, get the second chance they deserve.

When your gentle guidance pays off... when a dog looks up at you with complete faith and trust in just three days (after experiencing who knows what previously!)....then you know just what Trainers Academy is all about.

And this dog is not the only case like this that has passed through the vestibule....

I love my job

Editors note: Since this was written, this little dog has begun to play with other dogs! What a beautiful thing to see!!!

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